Throughout history, in various cultures, gemstones have been known to be treasured for their healing and protective powers as well as their beauty. Nahum Benyamin's Royal Collection of Jewelry radiates this elegance in his one of a kind handmade art jewelry. Each and every stone that Nahum selects comes with its own story as he travels to the Far East to choose his collection of precious stones.


One of the most ancient stones, and has been used over the last 6,000 years in spiritual ceremonies throughout many different cultures. Turquoise continues to conquer everything in its presence and is highly respected within Buddhist and Tibetan cultures and their humble traditions. It symbolizes luck, health, and happiness and has a powerful and protective element. The energy of turquoise invites forgiveness and deep connection to the person who wears it as well as brings abundance to those who are open to acceptance. If you give turquoise as a gift it brings a special blessing to those who receive it.


Long ago, amber was used for an oath of marriage. Amber is created from the resin of trees through a process of fossilization over millions of years. Amber is used for protection and absorbs pain from the body. It also invites clarity and a feeling of stability on your journey of life. Amber is recommended for people who are seeking a stable relationship, and it also relieves pressure during stressful situations, and welcomes creativity. Wearing amber as a necklace attracts success, health, and abundance.


Wearing emerald promotes good self esteem and restores self confidence. Emerald is good especially for the heart and is nicknamed the "Stone of Successful Love". A stone of wisdom, emerald opens and nurtures the heart and is a stone of great vision and intuition. Emerald increases mental clarity, enhances memory, and has a calming effect on emotions, bringing harmony to relationships and also revives passion for life. Emerald can be helpful in recovery after illness, is soothing to the eyes and revitalizes organs such as the liver, pancreas, kidneys, and lungs. One who wears emerald, an overall heart-stone, a stone of aspiration and inspiration allows the blessings of the universe to flow into their life with abundance and gratitude.


 In ancient times gold was used in jewelry and as a symbol of royalty, nobility and prosperity. Gold brings confidence, passion for life and inspiring knowledge and a deeper understanding of the highest self and inner soul. Wearing gold has the potential to alleviate tension and stress while at the same time stabilizing the emotional system and purifying the mind, body and soul. Wearing gold with other precious stones enhances the qualities of that stone. Gold also helps to rebuild the nervous system and can be used in treating heart disease, skin cancer, and arthritis. As gold can and will never be duplicated, and also brings a masculine energy like that of the sun, the purity of gold connects us to the healing forces of nature and the universe.

Italian Red Coral

Coming from the depths of the sea and influencing the emotional body, coral supports cooperation between people and strengthens mystical abilities and connection to higher vibrations of energy. Coral awakens imagination and intuition. It brings healing energy from the sea along with serenity and harmony. Coral magnifies you to the deepest essence of who you are. Wearing coral regenerates body cells and brings vitality to the physical body. Wearing coral empowers us to live in the moment as it balances between spirit and material and increases positive energy.

old Agate

Agate gets its name from the Achetes River in Sicily, where it was first discovered centuries ago. Today, found throughout the world, agate is also known as "earth rainbow" because this precious stone is created from the entire rainbow spectrum; not to mention there are hundreds even thousands of varieties of agate- spiraled, striped and filled with swirls of colors layered together. Agate has the power to balance emotional, physical and intellectual energy. Wearing agate promotes stability and maturity, and is a perfect stone to wear during pregnancy. The warmth of agate strengthens self-confidence and builds courage. It is also good for neutralizing anger and feelings of worry and anxiety. Agate harmonizes yin and yang, and purifies negative energy from the physical and spiritual world. This magical stone is grounding and strengthens the relationship with ourselves from the roots deep within. 


The legend says that when you give a pearl to a child they will grow up to become loving, pure, loyal and generous. As delicate as children, pearls are born from the softness of the inside of the seashell. Pearl brings purity and opens a channel for spiritual guidance. It has the ability to heal and symbolizes beauty, innocence and trust; vibrating and awakening and also bringing ease to female energy. Wearing pearl purifies the mind and brings the ability for self-appreciation. Qualities of pearl allow one to deal with anger, and offers the ability to find love. Pearls affect the physical body as they reduce swelling and improve the hormonal system, digestive tract and muscular systems. 

Blue Sapphire

The greatest of ancient religions adorned blue sapphire, as it signified hope and faith, as well as good fortune and spiritual insight, power and strength. Today, this still holds true. Blue sapphire is a precious stone that radiates truth, purity, clear thought and wisdom. Blue sapphire encourages dreams to come true, and is great for healers as it allows them to see above and beyond. Wearing sapphire develops wisdom and brings a sense of inner peace and serenity and loyalty. Sapphire helps in achieving and manifesting plans and ideas bringing them into meaning on the journey of life.  


A natural element and found throughout the world, silver is a precious metal that is used for making jewelry. Silver brings patience, perseverance and balance into life. Silver, like gold, when worn with other precious stones enhances the qualities of that stone. Wearing silver promotes an overall sense of positivity, good health and well-being, as it purifies the bloodstream and can boost the level of vitamins and minerals in the body. As silver can and will never be duplicated, and also brings a feminine energy like that of the moon, silver is a pure reflection- a mirror to the soul, encouraging you to pay attention and manifest your dreams on this journey in life. 


 It has been said that sugilite brings the gifts of wisdom and spiritual devotion. Sugilite is a new age stone that cleanses energy surrounding the body and removes old energy guiding us to see that truth is the highest form of love. Wearing sugilite connects us to spiritual and mystical elements. It is excellent for healers and is recommended for indigo children protecting them from negative energies. Sugilite is a brilliant stone for dreaming and meditation allowing us to accept the here and now- exactly as it is. This precious stone awakens the strengths of healing and awakens the inner flame of the soul. It is powerful for sensitive people as it brings control and awareness to thought. Overall, sugilite is an extraordinary healing stone and offers release from fear, anger and anxiety, and most importantly helps us to let go.


Symbolizing elegance and nobility, ruby brings feelings of self-satisfaction, deep spirituality and positive energy. Wearing ruby strengthens intuition and rejuvenates the physical body. It is good to wear on the heart as ruby invigorates the will to live and has the power to give you the courage to live in your highest potential. Ruby also has the power to neutralize sadness and pain, and helps to release stress, anxiety and fear. Ruby is also recommended for people who suffer from fatigue and weakness. Wearing ruby cleanses and increases blood flow in the body, promotes fertility and protects against diseases and negative energy.